May.3, 2013

Artist Kevin Mack will be showing his new 3D printed sculptures in the "Imagined Realities - New Media" Group Exhibit at the PS Zask Gallery in Palos Verdes.

Mack's sculptures are created using a variety of digital tools and processes, and then produced as 3D printed objects in nylon and bronze.

For example this 4" tall bronze 3D print of "Mobius Ganesha - Einstein's Mig Wiggle", (see the image below) features a combination of modern technology with a traditional material.

"Mobius Ganesha - Einstein's Mig Wiggle" is a single sided surface like a Mobius strip, but more complex. It radiates love and removes obstacles because it's got infinity built right into it.

Most of Mack's 3D printed sculptures are now available in bronze as well as Nylon, such as below ""Roger's Good Form - Irrational Ratios" which is 3D printed in nylon using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing.

"Roger's Good Form - Irrational Ratios" evolved through spontaneous volumetric sculpting. The complex compound curvature of the shapes engages the rational mind, but resists comprehension, in order to inspire continuous contemplation and a transcendent experience.

The sculpture "Totem To The Illusion Of Things" (image below) was created using fluid dynamic simulation, procedural modeling, implicit surfaces and digital sculpting.

"Totem To The Illusion Of Things" refers to the illusion of everything in general as well as the illusion of things as separate from each other. A number of different objects are entangled to create an integrated symbolic emblem for the illusion of things.

"Recently I created a simulation of the nylon material used in 3D printing. The image above is a "physically based" computer rendering of my sculpture, "Frank's Flowing Self Awareness". Notice the scattering of the light through the translucent nylon material. In computer graphics, this property is called sub-surface scattering (SSS)." says Mack.

The concept behind all this is the dissolution of traditional boundaries through technology. "I'm making art that is simultaneously 2d, 3d, sculpture, painting, photography, photorealistic, abstract, real and virtual." Mack added.

Visit the PS Zask Gallery to check out all the new work from Mack. The opening reception is Saturday, May 11, from 6 - 9pm. The show runs through June 26.

To know more about Kevin Mack and his work, watch the video below Mark Frauenfelder, founder of boingboing interviews Kevin Mack on his use of 3D Printing to transform virtual sculptures into the tangible.



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Henrik Troelsen wrote at 9/24/2015 8:24:21 PM:

Hi All I'm a sculptor dealing with form, tecnolagy oand ideas ever day.. I´m sorry to say that the form yo have made is st a form. It is not a sculpture. The talking dog was asked why he kept licking his groin.. "because I´m able to"

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