May.4, 2013

The continued development of 3D printing and digital modelling software provide numerous resources to rapid prototyping and self-manufacture.

To give 3D modellers an easy and affordable access UK-based Forme It has created a digital design library of high resolution 3D models.

These ready-to-use models can act as a starting point or building block that allows you to add intricate textures and features for an average of $10/€7/£6 per model – saving the time and effort of creating entire models from scratch.

At launch, users will be able to access over 100 digitised objects within three distinc subsections: Reference, Classic and Modern.

Reference consists of scanned objects from the urban and natural world, including shells, antlers, crystals and insects.

Classic is made up of functional design pieces – like cups or mugs – that can be transformed into unique designs.

Modern includes curated, digitised works by up-and-coming designers that are ready for 3D printing.

In collaboration with prominent 3D modellers Forme It has created step-by-step video tutorials on adapting their models. These guides provide tips and ideas on mixing up and reimagining Forme It models – from turning a bark scan into a distinctive container, to transforming a shell scan into a unique desk tidy.

All Forme It models are Wavefront OBJ 3D files that you need to first convert it to a .stl file before sending to a 3D printer. Once purchased, you can change the design as much and as often as you want. But Forme It models aren't compatible with all 3D printers and you may need to modify it before printing. John Barlow, Director of Forme It, stated that they are working closely with partners to ensure that all of their models are ready to print.

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