May.15, 2013

Brooklyn based designer Dominic Prescod has launched VIR/The 6th Relic, a 3D printed Smart Watch band on Indiegogo. The band is called The 6th Relic, because it was built around the 6th Gen iPod Nano.

The idea is to let users carry an iPod Nano easily on their wrist and to play Music, Radio, & use Nike+ etc anytime. The watch band comes out of the printer fully assembled with two functional buttons that are built in place. The bands mimics a regular watch band so that users can adjust it to fit their hand. It is a composition of individual links, joined together by a variation of a chain mail design.

Prescod believes in the future everyday items will be made by individuals, so everyone can create things like a watch band using 3D printing. The band sells at $25 on the crowdfunding site, and will be available in 5 different colors: black, yellow, white, red and blue.

The funds will help Prescod to be able to purchase a production quality 3d printer that would allow him to print high quality versions of the watch at an affordable price. Check out the details here on indiegogo.



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Dominic Prescod wrote at 5/18/2013 10:50:36 PM:

Hey Nick, you have a really good eye, it was made with a EOS SLS printer from Shapeways. The plan is actually to use a ProJet 3500 SLA and that costs somewhere along the lines of $50k so the 3D printer wont be purchased outright with the 25k but used for downpayment, installments and materials ideally or we may just try and hire a service and pay for the materials if the cost is too substantial. But the quality of the watch has been given a great deal of consideration and it is my goal to ship a product that will last as long as a typical store bought plastic watch. Thanks for the feedback however!! I really appreciate it. Oh check out the new Perks they're pretty amazing.

Nick wrote at 5/15/2013 2:48:19 PM:

They're going to need $300,000 to buy the machine to do this. This watch looks like it was made on an SLS machine - these are min $150,000 second hand. If you buy a machine for $25,000, you will either not have the surface finish or the strength of the model you are showing, let alone be able to afford the extortionate material prices... If I were you I'd get all these made through a major bureau with an SLS, otherwise they will not reach the quality people are expecting....

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