May.27, 2013

Kai Parthy, inventor of Laywoo-D3 wood filament has just released a new filament, LAYBRICK, a rough filament that can be used to print large architecture models or landscapes.

The material was lately shown by Kai Parthy at Fabcon Fair in Erfurt on 15th May 2013 during his lecture: "how to prevent warp and found meanwhile a material as Laywoo-D3".

The Laybrick filament can create from smooth to very rough surface effect. When the temperature reaches to 195°C it could have a fairly realistic sandstone effect.


  • near zero warp
  • ideal for jumbo-printers
  • the objects are ink-able, grind-able
  • no heated bed needed
  • contains natural mineralic fillers (super-fine milled chalk) and
  • harmless co-polyesters
  • print temp: 165°C to 190°C to get smooth, higher temperatures (210°C) will print rougher surfaces, fan requires to be on.
  • 3.0 mm/ 1.75 mm available

Laybrick is right now produced by German company orbi-tech, a Cologne based filament-maker. "First trial-amounts are now ready in my ebay-shop, but dealers all over the world will also be supplied as I did with Laywoo-D3." says Kai Parthy.

"It was a long process to develop both materials and to bring it into production. André Sperlich, Managing Director of orbi-tech has helped me for more than half year to extrude my wood compositions to optimize my recipes using his extruding machines, sometimes just for a small amounts of 1-2 Kilograms." added Kai.

"In the next weeks we both will launch another 3D printer filament, that is a tough but bendable plastic which comes in total transparent appearance that allows you to print bottles, wheels and things with a hard-rubber feeling."

Laybrick 3D printer filament is now available on Kai's ebay shop for 68 Euro per kg. Each roll of Laybrick beta 3.0 mm 3D-Filament is 0.25 Kg, the price is 17 Euro.

"After unbelievable responses on LAYWOO-D3 reported on in Sept.. 2012, I believe that Laybrick will also generate interest of creative people." says Kai. Kai is currently looking for investors that can support his inventions. "It´s my goal to sell both, Laywoo-D3 and Laybrick filament for a more cheaper price to the 3D printing community." explains Kai. With funding he would be able to order and blend some tons of raw-material to lower the unit price of the filaments, and to meet all demands of the market, as Laywood was often sold out.



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bonooobong wrote at 8/5/2013 9:50:41 AM:

I've already printed with this awesome experimental material on my replicator2, check out this photo of the print: it is really cool for architectural 3D models and for sculptures as well!

Mr. Konstrukt wrote at 5/28/2013 6:09:02 AM:

So, will this brick my 3D printer? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. This actually looks pretty cool. I wonder if this has that gritty finish of a an objects printed out of a Zcorp printer.

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