Jun.8, 2013

FARO technologies, one of the major manufacturer of portable 3D measuring instruments, has recently announced SCENECT 5.2, the new version of the free 3D scan app that FARO is now introducing to the market.

The 3D printing revolution generated demand in 3D scanning and software. 3D Scanning technology got upgraded in recent years but 3D scanner price varies from $500 to thousands of dollars. The prices are still high for private users.

FARO's SCENECT gives everyone the opportunity to use laser scanning in their everyday lives. SCENECT turns the motion sensor in your XBOX Kinect or an Asus' Xtion PRO LIVE into 3D laser scanners to create 3D models for printing. Since last year 3D-ethusiast are actively testing the technique, realizing their own ideas. And most importantly, FARO's SCENECT is a free app for everyone.

The new features of SCENECT 5.2 allow users to create precise 3D models that are even more professional.

To scan an object, users can simply connect the widely used Kinect and Xtion PRO LIVE motion sensors to a laptop or computer and start the software. Then the sensor can be guided around the object.

The 3D point cloud is built up and displayed on the screen in real time; the progression of the scan thus also becomes visible.

As in the previous version, the app uses the depth information and colour images that the sensors provide. From this, the SCENECT app constructs a full 3D model. With the mouse and keyboard, users can rotate this model on their screen to examine it from all angles.

According to the company users now have also the ability to calibrate their motion sensors themselves: to do this, they record a selfprinted test pattern from various positions and the software automatically corrects the recordings.

The result is an even more accurate cloud that is composed of precise measuring points. In addition, overlaps with previously scanned areas are recognised, thus reducing errors in long recordings.

When the scanning is complete, users can export the scans in different file formats into other software – such as into many CAD programs - or for 3D printing.

You can download the free of charge app at Faro's site here. And on this website you could also find more information and tutorials about SCENECT.

Watch below a video how to scan with SCENECT:

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liliming wrote at 12/28/2015 7:41:49 AM:

i can't get scenect to see my kinects 360 can anyone help please?

liliming wrote at 12/28/2015 7:40:09 AM:

i can't get scenect to see my kinects 360 can anyone help please?

Stenio Soopramanien wrote at 5/29/2015 7:15:38 PM:

Hi, I want to know if i can use the Scenect scanner to scan a whle human body from top to bottom and front to back? Thanks in advance. Stenio.

brian allen wrote at 7/3/2013 3:49:22 AM:

i can't get scenect to see my kinects 360 can anyone help please?

Gary Anderson wrote at 6/9/2013 9:50:50 PM:

As an investment, I like the potential of FARO technologies going into next year. I think earnings will be slow in the current quarter, but should be picking up briskly after that for reasons I have outlined on my blog: http://3dstockblog.com/?p=111

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