Jun.13, 2013

Back in Dec 2012, Student Dane Christianson showcased his Rubik's Cube inspired puzzle: x-shaped Rubik's cube and demonstrated the different ways you can scramble and put the cube back together.

Dane's Rubik's Cube has an extra layer on each side to form an 'X' shape and when solved, it has all 6 colors oriented in the same directions, so he named it 'X-Cube.'

The X-Cube has 52 moving parts, 102 stickers, and 125 decillion possible permutations. That's over 2 quadrillion times more permutations than the original 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube.

The X-Cube was invented using CAD and a 3D printer, and now Dane wants to share it with everyone by launching a Kickstarter campaign. You can now pre-order an X-Cube for $35. If you pledge $5 you get to download the X-Cube STLs to 3D print one of your own.

"This technology allows me to share my invention with audiences I would never have been able to reach before. My mission is to show that 3D printing technology is a powerful tool for bringing an idea to life." writes Christianson.

Find out more in the video below:


Source: Kickstarter


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