Jun.17, 2013

Most of current existing CAD software has a significant learning curve to master, Pirate3D wants to build a more intuitive software app for the non-technical users.

Pirate3D have released a demo version of their Smart Objects app. Smart Objects allows users to simply click and drag points on a stock object to modify its shape. Other customizations are possible by moving a slider or pressing a button to change the attributes of an object.

Smart Objects app allows one to produce an assortment of objects such as cups, wine glasses, and mushrooms for 3D printing. After creating an object, users are able to export it as 3D model file or share the link to the object with their friends. Such files will also be saved in the Cloud-based architecture for direct printing by the Buccaneer 3D printer.

"We realized that people would not adopt 3D printing technology as long as they can't easily create the objects digitally," says Kai Elvin, Pirate3D's Guru of Application Development. "As such, we designed our Smart Objects application to make 3D object generation as intuitive as possible. Users simply use their fingers to design the 3D objects."

Pirate3D plans to release the software developer kit (SDK) for their Smart Objects engine to allow other savvy users to build their own Smart Object Apps. The Smart Objects engine is being developed for multiple platforms; a web browser and Android version are in beta testing.

Today with more than 5,000 objects created on their demo app, they seem to be moving in the right direction to meet the needs of easy 3D object creation.

Pirate3D's demonstration app can be accessed here.



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3dbleh wrote at 6/20/2013 1:36:00 PM:

I wonder how many cups a person makes before they realize that they have been suckered into wasting filament on useless objects? Useless.

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