Jun.19, 2013

What happens when you combine Materialise, a Belgian-based pioneer in Additive Manufacturing software and solutions, with an award-winning Malaysian fashion designer? The results are a spectacular marriage of technology and fashion, as evidenced in Asia's very first 3D printed fashion show on June 14, 2013.

Presented by Materialise Malaysia and Melinda Looi, the theme of the show was "Birds".

The Photoz - Zung - www.photoz.com

An avid lover of nature and the environment, Melinda Looi professes to have always been inspired by these beautiful, flighty creatures. The designer sent a collection of five avian-inspired creations down the runway – Face It (headgear), Stand on Me (wedges), Her Love and Strength (necklace), Let Her Shine (skirt), and Open Wings (cape).

Models presented Melinda's creations in nude body suits, with equally minimalistic hair and makeup so as not to distract from the fascinating details and mechanisms of each outfit.

Each piece took months to design, create, and convert into a 3D file, which was then sent to Belgium to be printed at the Materialise headquarters.

"The design process has been a real eye-opener and highly educational experience for me." The entire collection took a team of six to eight people to bring to life, including three 3D modelers, two engineers and Melinda's own team.

"This project was challenging because it involved coordinating efforts and technical expertise. On the other hand, it was also great fun to be able to work with such an innovative technology. Creating fashion with technology has always been something I wanted to do, so when Materialise approached me with this opportunity, it was like a dream come true! The collaborative effort involving people from different fields and backgrounds truly reminded me that exciting and beautiful things happen when art and technology meet! It is truly a great honour to be the first Asian fashion designer to design a collection using AM technology,"said Melinda.

The Photoz - Zung - www.photoz.com

In addition 10 winning designs from the 3D Printed Accessory Design Contest organized by Materialise were selected to be 3D printed and exhibited at the 3D Print Fashion Show.

About Melinda's 3D Printed Creations

Face it (Headgear) - The bird represents her: challenges are never an issue to her. She will never hide away from obstacles. If we have faith, we can overcome anything!

Stand on Me (Wedges)- You can always count on me when you need help or someone to listen to your troubles. The birds that are tough are always ready to fight a battle for you.

Her Love and Strength (Necklace) - Maternal love is one of the best things on earth. Her love and Strength will always be there to protect us. A necklace with a pair of wings sitting on the shoulders signifies the Strength of our mothers. The nest and the open wings of the birds over the nest to show her love towards her babies. The stones are representing the love and kindness of a mother – shining brightly in all circumstances.

Let Her Shine (Peacock skirt) – Always give someone a chance to show what they can do. You might be surprised and dazzled by their inner strength and beauty. This skirt is inspired by the ever inspiring peacock, especially when their tail is opened into a beautiful fan.

Open Wings(Wings Cape)- She is a warrior! Always persevering, never giving up. BUT no matter how tough she is, she is always there to opening her arms to welcome any difficulties and give all she can to help others. She represents today's women – tough yet loving, strong yet womanly.

The Photoz - Zung - www.photoz.com


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