Jun.30, 2013

Instructables user "dragonator" wanted to try his hand at hobby electronics and build himself a PIP-Boy 3000. So what exactly is a PIP-Boy? For those unfamiliar, a PIP-Boy is a wrist-mounted computer used by the protagonist from the popular Fallout video game series.

dragonator designed a fully 3D printable Pip-Boy 3000 that can hold a paper screen or a smart phone. The scale is based on the original Pip-Boy: Wrist is 75mm, forearm is 90mm.

dragonator uploaded 3D models of all parts on Thingiverse. To make one for yourself, simply print out all the parts on any printer and assemble. Minor support is needed for some parts, and a few of them need to be glued together. The screen assembly is held to the body of the Pip-Boy by 5 M4 screws that tap into the plastic. Also 2 M3 screws are used to rotate the knob and to hold the part with the buttons in place.

If you don't like the original color of the printed Pip-Boy, you can always paint it. dragonator painted it bronze (see the photos below). In addition he also "added a small circuit based on a pic628 that has 3 buttons and 3 leds. The leds sit on top of switches. When you push an led, the button beneath is presses. This circuit simply turns on the led that was last pushed."

To try it yourself, download the .stl files here on Thingiverse and follow the instruction on Instructables.

Watch an overview video below, the phone inside of the Pip-Boy is a Samsung Galaxy:


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Gregulimy wrote at 1/16/2014 1:15:23 AM:

How big is the space where you could fit a smartphone?

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