Jul.6, 2013

By using a 3D printer to create a master part and then making a mold of it in a ComposiMold you can quickly duplicate your prototype without much costs.

ComposiMold is a reusable rubber mold making material that you can melt in the microwave. To make molds, first you spray release agent to your original object to minimize wear and tear on the mold, and sprays to reduces bubble formation in the ComposiMold. Then you pour the ComposiMold over your master part and let the ComposiMold solidify by cooling. Then you can remove the master part from the ComposiMold.

When you create a 3D object on your printer, you can then make a mold of it in a ComposiMold using the same method.

ComposiMold can be continuously remelted and reused to make new molds. With the ComposiMold, many casts can be made with the same mold including plaster, concrete, plastics, candle wax, soap and even chocolate.

Watch below the video of a tire being printed on a 3D Printer and then duplicated in a ComposiMold.

Below is a basic instruction video of the ComposiMold.



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EDB wrote at 7/7/2013 6:56:26 PM:

It would be much easier to print this with flexible PLA right away. Peter from Sweden did this on his Ultimaker: http://youtu.be/bB5L_JHyoNg?t=3m1s He made working tank threads and also tires. They're flexible and have a rubbery touch to them, just as if they were casted. But there was not extra step, so it's just pushing the button to print this.

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