Jul.17, 2013

Designed by Julian Goulding, Accord is fully 3D printed and personal ear buds that buyers can order their custom designs and choose materials through an app.

The buyers can either order an ear molding kit and create a mold of their ears themselves for around NZ$5, or they can get their ears professionally molded at an audiologist and send off the molds to Accord to be 3D scanned.

Accord will then prepare the 3D files for 3D printing. Buyers are able to select the material and size for best fitting. The parts are then printed on demand and assembled. Goulding believes this kind of creations could be easily localized by 3D printing firms and shared around the world to reduce costs.

The 3D printed personalized earbuds is made for production in early 2014. You can download andoid test app here.

Images: Julian Goulding


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