Jul.22, 2013

German RepRap just relaunched its 3D printer PRotos, an improved version. The PRotos V2 has the higher printing volume and according to the company, it is possible to assemble the construction kit in one day.

"Plug connections for the stepper motors, assembled PCBs and a solid, stable stainless steel frame enable a short assembly time compared to other construction kits. So almost no soldering is necessary anymore. The stable stainless steel frame replaces the previous construction of threaded rods and connection parts. This improves the optics, and due to the gained stability, the printer does not build up and the printing results turn out more precise." says the company.

The previous triangle frame limits the printing space upwards, but the new frame of the PRotos V2 does not have such limitation. Printing space is also gained on the Z-axis, as the centered threaded rod is missing, at which the extruder might run into on the top.

More technical details of the PRotos V2 are milled belt drives and T2.5 timing belts, as well as a 3mm single DD extruder (Direct Drive).

In an introductory version, the PRotos V2 is now available in the online shop for 671,43 EUR excl. VAT or 799,00 EUR incl. VAT.

Technical data:

  • Printing area: max 230 mm x 230 mm x 125 mm (X/Y/Z) – depending on the equipment
  • Speed: 3mm material up to 100mm/second, 1.75 mm material up to about 180mm/second, idle up to 350mm/second
  • Operating voltage: 220/115V AC voltage
  • Material: ABS / PLA / PS / PVA / Laywood (wooden filament) / Laybrick

Optional accessories:

  • Heated printing bed 12V
  • Modular Hot end for 1.75 mm filaments (Consumables)
  • Different nozzle diameters: 0.5 / 0.4 / 0.3 mm (changeable)
  • LCD control incl. SD card reader for stand-alone running
  • Upgrade kit DD-Extruder dual
  • Printing plate made of glass (only for PLA)

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jd90 wrote at 7/22/2013 5:51:02 AM:

Still 12V stuff. Still moves the bed rather than the head, same old RepRap style mechanics in a different frame.

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