Jul.23, 2013

6% of people in the UK, or one in 17 people say they have interest in owning a 3D printer. 71% of people say they know very little or nothing about 3D printers, according to a new survey.

How much we really know about 3D printing?

As part of a major new exhibition about the future of manufacturing, the Design Museum has carried out a survey with Ipsos MORI aiming to learn the nation's attitudes towards 3D printing technology.

Totally 994 people are interviewed across the UK.

Only 6% of people say they are interested in owning a 3D printer. The majority (71%) of people say they know very little or nothing about 3D printers while one in five (19%) say they know at least a fair amount.

2 in 3 people (66%) in the UK overall say that they would rather leave design issues to the professionals, with 20% saying they would like more input in the design of their household items.

Men are twice as likely as women to want a 3D printer (8% vs. 4%), and those aged 15-34 (9%) are more keen than those aged 65 and over (1%).

In terms of using 3D printers, a third (35%) of people agree that it is a good thing people will be able to make everyday objects and spare parts at home - but an equal number (32%) are also concerned about people being able to make guns or knives at home, especially people over 65s.

Ben Page, Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI said:

'Britain is divided into two tribes – those concerned that new technologies like the internet are destroying memory and knowledge, and unhappy with their pace of life, and those who embrace it as a powerful enabler of knowledge and who are comfortable with their busy lives.'

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John wrote at 7/29/2013 10:44:20 PM:

I can remember not that long ago.. "But.. why do you want a computer.. What would you do with it"? Personally, I can't see 3D printing becoming anywhere near the level of ubiquity that computer ownership has achieved.. And I find the "printer in every home" evangelists deluded and annoying.. Shifting production one step closer to the consumer is not really as attractive as one might think. But I can see it surpassing table saws, or sewing machines, or any number of common power tools.

alidan wrote at 7/24/2013 11:21:09 PM:

if you have a kid, and they destroy thing constantly, a 3d printer could pay for itself in the first year if not first month. i want one for hobby reasons, i'm betting most people who dont know anything about a 3d printer just don't know that theres tons of useful crap they can make that will add up over time.

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