Aug.30, 2013

Young children often forget all of the daily hygiene tasks they should complete to keep their bodies healthy. So it is important to show your child how to complete each hygiene skill you want him to know. One trick is to make hygiene skills enjoyable - but how?

Tip Tap Top team in France has come up with a great idea to increase children's awareness about hygiene. They created a 3D printed tap that teaches children to wash hands in a fun way.

First of all, the device provides an ideal hygiene solution that children will never be in contact with the tap while washing their hand. It contains a built-in sensor so the system pours water only when children have their hands under the device. Meanwhile it also helps keeping control of the water consumption to prevent any hydraulic waste.

On the ecological side, the device is self-sufficient so it operates only when children use it. Its energy is produced through a turbine and stored in a 9V battery. The energy feeds a solenoid valve and an infrared sensor which controls water flow.

Some children only rinse their hands quickly under water, if they wash at all. With a sound card the device also broadcasts a message which guides children during the hand washing process, taking them through the different steps. To attract children and make this daily chore more pleasant, the delivered message is backed by a dynamic soundtrack as well as an inviting voice. The "Super-Hero mascot" of the project is made to appeal to children. And the color and the form of the device is designed to attract their attention.

Part of the Tip Tap Top team are from the Propul~Surf project we covered earlier. The design process started from modeling the components with 3D software Solidworks. Then they modeled the shell and internal structure for holding all the components. The water drop shape of the tap was designed to exemplify the ecological aim of whole project.

All parts were then 3D printed on a uPrint 3D printer. In order to give it an attractive outlook, the team polished the shell, painted it with epoxy and blue paint, and then gave it a shiny smooth finish with treatment.

The beta version of Tip Tap Top has received high praise from young people. But the team didn't stop there. There are a few things they want to improve, such as reducing the size, more messages in different language to be added, improving the decoration and the program, and adding a soap dispenser.

(Images credit: Tip Tap Top team)

This project will be presented during the World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden.

Watch below the demo video of the Tip Tap Top:

Source: Tip Tap Top


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Check out Tip Tap Top website :

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