Sep.4, 2013

In a family parents are often busy with their work and appointments and have limited time taking care of their kids. Image when their kids come home from school, they could prepare their own food anytime with a food machine. The Atomium, a new 3D-printing concept designed by Luiza Berté from Brazil is such a delightful device that allows anybody to create healthy and imaginative meals.

Atomium is a food 3D printer that develops meals based on the users' desires of flavor and shape of their food. It will be equipped with a 3D imaging camera and software so when a kid shows a sketch or an object, Atomium will recognize this object/sketch by scanning it and creating 3D models out of 2D renderings. Molecular ingredients can be loaded into the device through Atomium's feet. When the process of printing food is done the head is opened then child can take meal from Atomium.

Stages of food´s process: 1. Molecules´ capsule 2. Leg´s path 3. Head Compartment 4. Extruder syringe.

The goal of the concept is to stimulate children to have a health meal and to prepare their own food. The product uses a finger digital identification to recognize the user and connect itself with newest personal data, such as medical checkup and daily activities that can influence the nutritional balance of the user´s body. That Atomium will then construct the meal by choosing molecular ingredients to make a nutritional balance meal for the better health of the user.

Realistic proportion for Atomium's function by comparing dimensions: 1. 240x240x320. 2. 95x65. 3.140x140x135. 4. 240x355x340. Atomium 218x230x225.

The Atomium concept is a semi-finalists of the Electrolux Design Lab competition. "Children don't like to eat healthy food, but they are motivated to eat when the food and context/scenarios are playful." writes Berté.

"Very inspiring way for kids to use their creativity and to combine that with food. " says Mats Ekblad, Electrolux R&D.


Source: Electrolux


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Proteus wrote at 9/4/2013 4:23:02 PM:

This is pretty cool especially if you could combine with an abs extruder. But it is not going to make kids healthier as they would just print out tons of food and eat it all. Also, just a render right now so...

3D wrote at 9/4/2013 1:47:30 PM:

That last picture doesn't make sense, the black one (Up Mini) is not bigger than the blue one (Up Plus). It has a smaller build volume and the machine is about as big as the Up Plus..

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