Sep.5, 2013

Using 3D printing with some computer alteration, Brazilian designers from Estudio Guto Requena have recreated the 3D chair models using audio recorded on the streets of São Paulo. In 2012, Estudio Guto Requena created the 'nóize chairs', which combine three iconic Brazilian chair designs with the sounds of the Grajau, Tiradentes and Santa Ifigenia areas of the city and make a new distorted version of the original design.

Fusion of these 3D models with digital sound files was accomplished through a process created by Estudio Guto Requena using the programing language Processing. The 3D models of the chairs were then 3D printed with ABS plastic in Belgium on 3D printers.

For Sao Paulo Design Week SPDW 2013, Estudio Guto Requena invited META-D to adapt the design process of the Nóize Chair to create a real-time experience. Visitors will witness the Nóize Chair being re-formed on a computer by the sounds picked up in a gallery environment.

Each day, a Brazilian made Metamáquina 2 3D printer will produce miniature model chairs resulting from these hybrid files. The 3D printer will print these model chairs in PLA. In this design performance, visitors will witness the formal result of the blending of the iconic Giraffe Chair with the music, the poetry and the noise of the gallery space. And each one is completely unique.

Images credit: thiago madialardo


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Eva wrote at 9/12/2013 5:14:53 PM:

Very cool!

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