Sep.13, 2013

Intel is launching an open source robot initiative called Jimmy next week, offering up schematics and AI code so that people can 3D print their own, reported.

Intel's futurist Brian David Johnson revealed Jimmy, and several other concept robots today at Intel's Developer Forum in San Francisco.

According to Johnson, Intel started the project around ten years ago. This robot project aims to 'let anyone create robots, and change them and share them in online communities, enabling them to be 3D printed with varying designs."

"Using 3D printing, using open source hardware and software... anyone can build a robot that is completely open source, where the design files are free and the AI is open and everyone and anyone can start writing apps for the robot."

Intel's first robot Jimmy and its robot project will be launched next week at the Maker Faire in New York. Jimmy's specs will be shared online so users can build their own and 3D print them via open source, Johnson revealed. In addition Intel plans to offer up robot-building kits so the whole community could share designs, ideas along the way.


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Cid Vilas wrote at 9/14/2013 6:53:20 PM:

This article reads like a joke to me. Something like an The Onion piece. Is the inquirer a reputable source for real news?

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