Sep.15, 2013

I always think mechanical clocks and watches are way cooler than electronic quartz ones. It is pretty amazing that you can make a tiny machine that's just a collection of gears and springs, and that is accurate enough to keep good time.

Andy Hudson-Smith at University College London posted a nice functional 3D printed weight powered clock this week. The clock is made using modified plans from and printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2.

The parts were created in SketchUp and then exported to .stl for import into MakerWare. Each part was printed out individually. The complete clock took 4 days to print, after assembly it weighs around 600g. It requires winding every 48 hours but it is functional, and I assume it shows also the correct time.

Images credit: Andy Hudson-Smith

Watch the clip below showing the completed 3D printed clock:

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