Sep.16, 2013

On Sept.7th 3D Notion, the first New York-based show that confidently focuses on 3D printed art was held in New York City's BHQFU. Organized by mysterious art collective Bruce High Quality Foundation, 3D Notion featured 19 artists' 3D-printed works.

The show considers ways in which artists may insinuate product within the broader uses of perpetually expanding technologies, ranging from do-it-yourself fabrication, to exacting reproduction and one-of-a kind innovation.

Taylor Absher, an artist and senior staff member at New York University's Advanced Media Studio came up with the idea for the show after he saw 3D Printing's wide possibilities and game-changing impact and how the art community embrace it as a new medium.

Some of the work included in the show can be found online at sites like, while some of the work can be seen in gallery shows both in the United States, and abroad. Some work is downloadable on-line, while other work can be generated using specific online apps.

Artists: Ana Marva Fernandez, Ben Schumacher, Carlos Reyes, Daniele Frazier, David Lobser, Dhemerae Ford, Erol Gunduz, Haley Melin, Heather Dewey Hagborg, Jason Scott Rosen, Josh Kline, Joshua DeMonte, Lilia Ziamou, Micha Ganske, Sara Awad, Shane Hope, Taylor Absher, Tom Burtonwood, YIjun Liao (Pixy)

The goal of the show "was to show the diversity of what I see artists doing with 3D printing and to show that medium is not an end in itself, but can be a way for artists to achieve their own aesthetic goals," Absher told The Creators Project.

Daniele Frazier

Lilia Ziamou

The "Mining Habitat Ring World" created by artist Micah Ganske. Using his Makerbot Replicators, Ganske printed out 1,000 different parts in over 700 hours of print time, and then assembled these 1,000 parts to create this new sculpture.

Artist Shane Hope creates molecular realities

a 3D printed accordion book: Orihon from Tom Burtonwood

3D printed soft Heel Shoes, metal, 7 x 3 x 7 inches, created by artist YIjun Liao

The heels are printed on a PolyJet 3D printer which features 16-micron layers with accuracy as high as 0.1 mm for smooth surfaces, thin walls and complex geometries.



Source: The Creators Project

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