Sep.30, 2013

This year it is exactly 90 years ago that Kazimir Malevich introduced his famous teapot in 1923 at the State Porcelain Factory in Saint-Petersburg in Russia. To celebrate this event Geometric Abstraction, a design studio has just launched a brand new reproduction called Malevich Teapot 2.0 manufactured with 3D-printing in ceramic via Shapeways.

Since its foundation in 1744 the Imperial Porcelain Factory in Saint Petersburg, Russia had been producing high quality porcelain exclusively for the Tsar and the Imperial Court. During a very short but intense period, between the end of 1922 and April 1924, the Suprematists were allowed fearless experimentation with utopian, fresh, radical abstract designs based on square, circle and cross. The Suprematism founder and prophet Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935), one of the most important pioneers of geometric abstract art, designed here in 1923 his famous innovative, Suprematist teapot and teacups which were deconstructed arrangements of geometrical shapes.

But only a handful teapots were made in 1923 because during manufacturing at the porcelain factory they faced several problems. When the factory Director noticed: "Mr. Malevich, your teapot does not pour well" Malevich replied: "it is not a teapot but the idea of a teapot".

Today, with the ceramic 3D printing technology, this challenging, complex teapot can now be manufactured in a totally different way without all the problems Malevich faced back in 1923. This 3D printed Malevich Teapot 2.0 is an improved, nearly identical reissue at 90% of the original size, of the original 1923 Malevich teapot which was slightly adapted and optimized for additive manufacturing technology. It is a functional teapot with lid, which will offer you in combination with the associated Malevich teacups everything you need for the ultimate Modernist tea ceremony.

If you would like to know more about Kazimir Malevich and his work, visit Amsterdam next month. on October 18th, the Dutch Queen will open the exhibition "Kazimir Malevich and the Russian Avant-Garde" (19 Oct 2013 - 2 Feb 2014) in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (in collaboration with Tate Modern).



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