Oct.3, 2013

3D Hubs, an Amsterdam-based startup which currently boasts the largest network for 3D Printers, shares publicly today a report on 3D printing trends - how 3D printing is being used and which 3D printers, materials and colors are most popular.

3D Hubs says it is adding approximately 100 new 3D printers per week to its network, with 651 3D printers now active in Europe, and 239 3D printers now active in the United States.

Highlights of the 3D Hubs Trend Report include:

1. 3D printers: Ultimaker and Makerbot are the brands signed up most. Ultimaker and Makerbot currently account for a combined 40.4 percent of the more than 1,100 3D printers on the 3D Hubs network, followed by RepRap (11 percent) and Prusa Mendel (7.3 percent) amongst others. Makerbot leads in the United States and Ultimaker leads in Europe.

Printers per Continent

2. Prototypes: The number one application of desktop 3D printers is still prototypes. Gadgets, phone accessories, gifts, toys and fashion items like jewelry currently make up more than half of the platforms' print jobs.

3. Colors and materials: ABS and PLA filament make up about 80 percent of the 3D printer materials available. Other popular materials include nylon, wood and flexible rubber-like materials. Among all the colors, white is the preferred color (15.7 percent), followed by blue (14.5 percent), red (14.1 percent), and green (12.9 percent).


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Matt MacEvoy wrote at 10/30/2014 7:19:41 AM:

Geez. What do you think of Makerbot now? I have 3 Ultimakers, love em and work at a place that has a few Makerbots (the metal ones... all the metal ones) - they are continually down and abandoned.

CornGolem wrote at 10/5/2013 2:53:58 PM:

What I know is that I sold zero Ultimakers while I sold a dozen of Makerbots, so I wonder how UM could be first in Europe. It has only a couple unofficial distributors while Makerbot has around 15 in Europe - this just can't be.

Benet C. wrote at 10/4/2013 8:06:15 PM:

@Bryan I agree with you, and I want to ask where is the sources for UM2? Or maybe this is fake-open-surc shield?

Bryan wrote at 10/4/2013 9:36:17 AM:

Oh I see some trolls from Ulti-hash-team are wake up :) Come on guys, any one know that you try sell some underdone printer (Ultifaker2) for a exorbitant prices. Now you chenaged the plywood on aluminium and you think that you solved all bugs in your printer? Really, funny :) And the issue of open source which you declare everywhere, but your open source look's like patents for poor people, I mean non commercial, what is that, who know about it? Or your sources are open, and I have in mind open to all for everything or keep doing the patents and not hide behind some ridiculous license, lying to people and pretending that you supports the idea of open source.

Patrick wrote at 10/3/2013 5:44:37 PM:

Your comment makes no sense. If you have some numbers to refute these NUMBERS with, by all means share them. But trolling comments such as this are pointless.

Bryan wrote at 10/3/2013 9:37:35 AM:

This ranking is useless, some START-UP from Netherlands made rank and who know who is the winner? OFC Ultifaker :) Everywhere I see only Makerbot, no one buy ultifaker and throws money away :) People have brain :) Think 10x before you will want to buy Ultifaker :)

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