Oct.13, 2013

Project Miller is a software developed by Autodesk Labs that allows you to preview, Optimize and validate your design before you print it.

Is my model geometry printable? What changes can be made to improve it? What will the printed part look like? Like the ultimate Print Preview, Miller enables you to inspect your model, visualize how it will print, and identify problems in advance. Once you've imported your CAD geometry or GCODE, Project Miller offers several visualization and simulation tools to evaluate your model inside and out:

  • Result — View printing details such as feed rate, thickness or volume of extruded polymer, layer count and more
  • Visual — View the model with solids or lines
  • Animate — Watch how the model will be printed
  • Clipping — Create a planar cut to examine the interior of your model
  • Surface — If issues are detected, Miller's Surface feature will help you re-surface your complex geometry and export an optimized 3D geometry (STL) for printing
  • Mesh — Choose how to re-mesh your model

Project Miller is available as a stand-alone application. This technology preview is available until December 31, 2013. You can download it using the link here and try it out yourself.

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