Oct.21, 2013

California-born artist Jonathan Schipper's 'Detritus' is an artificial continuously changing environment composed of salt, digital machinery, and hot water bathing. This is all operating in an environment of twelve tons of rock salt, with a hot tub to supply the water. A metallic mechanism is suspended by four cables from the ceiling - by varying the length of the four cables the mechanism is able to move to most locations within the room.

An extruder on the mechanism has the ability to squirt out a salt and water mixture to create forms like a giant 3D printer. Starting out with basic forms, Jonathan hopes to perfect the technique until the apparatus is capable of reproducing items like an old car, toilet or tires. "These objects will be things like old chairs, toilets, tires, washing machines and many other human specific objects we take for granted as part of our world." Schipper explains.

As part of the exhibition, the viewer will be able to view these objects being created from the comfort of a hot water tub nearby. And as they observe those tiny 3D structures go up, they're also watching other ones come down in the hot moisture.

"We as a collective species are continually reshaping our world to suit us. We are filling it with things that have importance and meaning to us. While we strive for permanence thankfully the mechanisms that govern the universe beg to differ." notes the artist. "Things we make are not permanent and forces beyond our control are constantly making simple the complex objects we devote ourselves to. This piece will be a reflection of that process abstracted and combined with processes of geology. Things will appear that look like things we recognize but due to the fragility of the salt crystals used to make the piece things will be deteriorating at the same rate they are built."

"The piece is an attempt to create a vantage point that is impossible in the real world. A vantage point that both condenses and speeds up time and provides an abstracted overview of the detritus we value."

'Detritus' is on view at the Boiler, brooklyn until november 24th, 2013.

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