Oct.22, 2013

San Francisco based Type A Machines revealed today the Next Generation Series 1 printer.

The Next Generation Series 1 features a streamlined aluminum and acrylic body, a glass build surface and updated electronics, easy bed-leveling system and a new interface for network 3D printing.

Based on Type A Machines' original printer, the Next Generation Series 1 is designed as a modular platform for upgrades as new technologies emerge.

"We've had to really reinvent a lot of industry practice when designing this new 3D printer," said Espen Sivertsen, CEO of Type A Machines. "As early adopters ourselves, we hate being punished for getting ahead with a new technology. We wish to reward our early adopters, and this is why we have implemented a modular cabling system with space for additional technologies that we don't even know exist yet."

"We are trying to ensure that our 3D printers are future-proof—as much as any machine can be," noted Sivertsen.

With the modular platform design, future users can easily add new features on their current printers, such as embedded Wi-Fi connectivity, a heated glass bed, and an improved extruder with multi-material support etc. Type A Machines says another new printer called the Series 1 Pro will be released soon, which will include two print heads, Wi-Fi connectivity and a heated glass bed. Users who have a Next Generation Series 1 printer will be able to get their printers upgraded at a discounted price.

In addition, the Type A Machines team also encourages users to shape their platform and create a tool that fits different design needs.

"We were unable to find any existing product warranty that encourages the user to modify, develop or explore their 3D printer,"continued Sivertsen."Most warranties are voided the moment the User opens the casing, which limits the Customers' experience and reduces the community R&D feedback."

"We decided to rewrite our warranty from scratch: we now enable our Users to explore, modify and develop their 3D printer, without fear of voiding the product warranty," said Siversten."We will give them tech support no matter what, though we may have to restore them to their factory settings to resolve their issue. It is our hope that our practice will evolve into an industry standard."

The Next Generation Series 1 3D Printer has a lead time of around 8 weeks and is priced at $2,295.

Here are samples prints made on the Next Generation Series 1 3D printer:

Leaning Tower of Pisa, retrieved from GrabCAD. It is 300mm tall and it took 14 hours to print.

A model from Autodesk 123D Catch Gallery. Courtesy of Rob Roberts, from the 'Unnamed Greek' statue captured in Autodesk 123D, modified in MeshMixer and 123D make. It run for 8 hours, then it is paused to show the infill.

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Bri wrote at 10/23/2013 6:53:58 PM:

You're kidding right? $2200 and an 8 week delay time for a printer that has less than decent quality? 2 years ago I might say ok, but in this day and age no way.

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