Nov.8, 2013

HTC has announced a 3D printed powerless acoustic speaker, the Gramohorn II, designed exclusively for the HTC One smartphone.

HTC commissioned designer Justin Wolter to create an HTC One edition of his mono Gramohorn, as part of its 'Here's To Creativity' campaign and support to young artists in the UK.

"I'm honoured to be recognised by HTC UK's 'Here's To Creativity' campaign," Justin Wolter said. "Having an idea is one thing, but to fully realise it is another." It took less than six weeks to bring the speaker to life.

By channelling music naturally through its huge gramophone, Gramohorn II could increase volume by 50% without the need for power or wires. Acting as resonance chambers, lower frequencies and bass notes are also enhanced to produce deeper, fuller and 'better' music.

The speaker is made using a 3D printer in a plaster-based, composite material and finished by hand in any colour of the customer's choice. The cradle is interchangeable as well, so you can also fit a One Mini or a One Max.

That is part Art, part Design, says the company. The Gramohorn attempts to introduce values such as 'bespoke', 'customised', 'hand-finished', and 'limited edition' to the project.

The Gramohorn II speaker dock, made out of a plaster composite, is now available to purchase for around $1,600 or £999. But if you are fond of more luxury models, you might want to check out the limited-edition stainless steel version of the Gramohorn II dock which is available to purchase for around $8,030 or £4,999.

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Brie wrote at 11/20/2013 12:36:00 AM:

This is a pretty unique design! I work for a 3D printing company who creates 3D printed powerless smartphone music amplifiers. Simply Amplifed intends on taking Additive Manufacturing to a whole new level, producing the most cost-effective, green, and creative approaches to mass customization. We would love to create one of our amplifiers designed exclusively for an HTC One smartphone.

Ben H wrote at 11/14/2013 1:49:27 PM:

Looks awesome, hope it sounds as good (relatively speaking) as it looks. I've heard a few of those acoustic speakers and they are pretty uninspiring. Has the same wow factor as the Zepplin.

Some guy wrote at 11/8/2013 1:44:38 PM:

Ugly, useless and ridiculously expensive. Wonder who will buy this thing.

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