Nov.25, 2013

Equity Profile Report today added Camtek Ltd (CAMT) to its NASDAQ Active Stock Watch List.

Camtek, an israeli company that designs, develops and manufactures automatic optical inspection systems is up sharply. At last look, CAMT shares are up 72.08% at $4.56 each. This gain was thanks to news that Camtek is entering the 3D printing industry. The company said it was close to a commercial launch for its 3D printer - a commercial 3D printer for the electronic circuit boards market, which will be the first 3D printer of its kind.

Camtek doesn't have a 3D printer for sale yet. But during the company's Nov. 8 conference call to discuss its Q3 financial results, CEO Roy Porat hinted strongly that a soft launch of the 3D printer was expected within just a few weeks. He said the company was "a few weeks from putting tooling to a customer." "I am sure it will become a major part of Camtek's store in the next two years." But he said also that it was still too early for the company to estimate the impact of a planned 2014 introduction for its 3D printing device.

Camtek expects the market for its printers at $600 to $700 million (third-quarter revenues totaled less than $22 million).

CAMT shares were unusually active in Friday's after-market. At the request of the Israel Securities Authority, the company and its Israeli parent company Priortech issued a statement this morning saying that there was no basis to the rumor about a tender offer on behalf of Priortech for the purchase of Camtek shares.

On Camtek's website the company's GreenJet is described as follows:

GreenJetTM completely replaces conventional coating, drying, exposure and development processes currently used in PCB manufacturing. GreenJet is the first ever, single-step digital solder mask deposition system. With just one push of a button, solder mask is being jetted with high registration accuracy, enabling zero clearance solder mask deposition, while providing shorter cycle time and reduced operation cost GreenJet meets the challenges presented by new, higher density designs, which have smaller pad spacing and tighter registration tolerance requirements.

Thanks to Emilio for the tip!

Update: - November 26, 2013

Camtek Clarifies its Position on 3D Printing

Camtek today announced that in light of the high trading volume of the Company's shares and rumors that have been circulating in the media over the course of the past few days, it wishes to clarify that, as reported previously, it is now in the advanced stages of the development of the GreenJet, a digital 3D printing system used for the deposition of solder mask designated for the printed circuit board industry (the "GreenJet System").

The first installation of the GreenJet System for evaluation in a customer's manufacturing environment is expected to take place in the beginning of 2014 and, subject to the results, the Company expects the first commercial sales of the GreenJet System to take place during 2014.

In addition, the Company said that it has decided to focus on its two primary markets (products for the printed circuit board industry and inspection products for the semi-conductor market), and will not continue with development of future models of its Xact product line designed for the sample preparation of models for the characterization and failure analysis in the semi-conductor industry. The Company will continue to sell and support the existing Xact products.

Therefore, as a future growth engine, in addition to the existing products lines, the Company will focus its activity in the field of digital 3D printing for the printed circuit board industry, including the GreenJet System.


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