Nov.27, 2013

Fripp Design's 3D-printed eyes.(Credit: Fripp Design)

Sheffield, UK based Fripp Design and Research is hoping to revolutionize the world of prosthetics. Fripp Design has developed a system for fast and low-cost manufacture of facial prostheses such as nose and ear replacements for accident victims.

In addition, in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University, Fripp Design has also developed 3D-printed prosthetic eyes that could be produced much cheaper and faster than existing handmade versions.

An ocular prosthesis or artificial eye is often made of medical grade plastic acrylic or special glasses and then painted by hand to match the patient's other eye.

Fripp Design uses a ZCorp Z510 3D printer to produce fully colored 3D-printed prosthetic components. Then these parts are encased in resin. By printing eyes in batches, each with a slightly different hue, it is possible to accurately match with existing eyes, says Fripp Design.

While it can cost currently up to £3,000 to make prosthetic eyes in the UK, Fripp Design can 3D print them for approximately £100. "Because each one is produced from the same system, the consistency is the same and the cost is drastically reduced." Fripp Design founder Tom Fripp told Dezeen.

With traditional method, only one eye can be done at a time, it often takes ten weeks to receive the eyes. But Fripp is able to produce 150 eyes in an hour using a 3D printer. And the post process approximately five per hour, says Fripp, because iris customization is very time-consuming.

Fripp expected the project could be ready to implement "within 12 months" and it could be used in countries like India, where less advanced surgical procedures result in a high number of patients losing their eyes.



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