Dec.1, 2013

The first 3D printing store in Berlin has officially opened doors. Located at the Moritz Platz in Berlin -Kreuzberg, company Botspot claims to have the most comprehensive offering for 3D printing in Germany. Botspot provides all-round service in 3D: creating miniatures of customers, 3D printing every day items, self-made 3D designs and architectural models, and selling 3D printers and accessories.

Customers at the botspot-Store can purchase 3D-printers like Delta Tower, Ultimaker, Solidoodle, MakerBot and an open source printer from local Fablab: the I3 Berlin.

"In our store, you can experience and understand the world of 3D printing up close. The 3D printing technology offers the average consumer as well as people who work in the creative or scientific field completely new possibilities. We can meet almost all customer requirements, from making eyeglass frames, special tools for watchmaker to a beautiful vase that you can't buy anywhere else." says Manfred Ostermeier, Managing Director at Botspot.

According to the company, demand is already rising for 3D printed mini-me. One of the largest 3D scanners in the world is stationed in the store. Equipped with 60 cameras the scanner is capable of scanning customer from all sides at only 0.01 seconds. Once a software renders the images into a 3D model, the model is then sent off to a 3D printer which could create true-color figurines of up to 45 centimeters. For a 3D printed mini-me in 1:10 scale you pay 240 euros at Botspot.

"Madame Tussaud is going to have a hard time", says Ostermeier. "People may not only want to see George Clooney, Angelina Jolie or Barack Obama in 3D, but also themselves. Plus they can buy their own 3D printers and print at home. And this will be our future."


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Ben wrote at 12/3/2013 7:46:34 PM:

Its not the first one, exist since years....

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