Dec.28, 2013

The Smartrap 3D printer developed by a small french team called Smartfriendz is a unique, incredibly simple device. It is very easy to assemble, no special tool needed.

Inspired by printrbot simple, the Smartrap is made with printed parts so it can easily replicate itself. The goal is to create an easy to build device that has all important features of existing 3D printers on the market.

Smartfriendz calls themselves a crazy team, because the project is open source, people could replicate, update and upgrade the printer easily that they won't pay for their services anymore. But the team thinks there should be at least one place for such a project existing in the 3D printing ecosystem.

The design will keep evolving. "There's big chance that the Smartrap you own now will look completely different next year. That's the fun side of the Smartrap printer." says Serge, founder of smartfriendz.

The printer has a few neat features, such as auto-levelling bed with servo driven Z stop and latest version of marlin firmware.


  • Print size: 150 x 150 x 150 mm
  • Resolution : All axis : 0.1 mm
  • Estimated build time : less than one hour
  • Structure entirely made of printed parts, no laser cut or steel frame parts.
  • Auto levelling bed
  • Power : 60 Watts

The Smartrap 3D printer is launched on indiegogo a month ago and has raised more than €5,700 up to now with still 4 days to go. A webshop will be set online as soon as the campaign is over. The first batch of kits is scheduled to be delivered in February 2014.

The Smartrap is open source and all files are available on github and thingiverse. A reprap wiki page is also set up to documentation development of the project.

There is plenty of open source 3D printers out there, but this printer is a fun project and very simple to build. See the video below showing the printer updates and auto-levelling bed, and you can support the project here.

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