Dec.29, 2013

3D printing technology has advanced to become more accessible and affordable, With these machines, more and more people are printing real-life objects –toys, jewelry, shoes, replacement parts – in their home workshops. However 3D printing raises many intellectual property questions. what protection is available for the CAD file? How IP rights-holders determine protection strategies and procedures?

Estonia startup Secured3D claims that they have developed a proprietary, patents pending, encrypted 3D printing streaming technology that allows anyone to control 3D printers remotely, queue print jobs for multiple users, monetize 3D designs with stores, and have total real-time IP control of all your designs.

If you are a 3D designer and want to be able to sell your 3D designs without exposing the source file, you can simply upload your 3D design file to the Secured3D cloud, stream it and send to anyone for a one time print. Secured3D is a software solution which can be installed on any server, desktop, raspberry pi, mobile chip etc.

Secured3D allows anyone to print a design file on a printer, exactly as how the designer wants. The owner of the design has real-time control of where and who has the rights to print, and can detect intrusion and instantly relay status of all your prints in the world in real-time. In addition, it also allows designers to monetize their design files, develop their own 3D itunes store model to sell and distribute objects.

Secured3D provides also a Remote Control Box (Black Box) that replaces USB sticks, SD cards, and the networked secure FTP drives used by companies, allowing companies to manage all their IP, and control exact prints on exact designated printers. According to the company, the Black Box currently supports the Makerbot 2 & 2x, and Ulimaker 1 & 2, and with a small configuration it also supports over 95% of the other FDM printers.

Check out below the Secured3D's intro video:

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ADarkGerm wrote at 1/19/2014 3:52:02 PM:

Open Source will not allow the ideas to be policed. We the people will not pay corporations for human ideas. We build what we want when we want and all ideas are FREE. It is so easy to hack, as the Rambo said Just Man-In-The-Middle attack and save the g-code then hand out FREE to all. Capitalist scum you have 1 year to leave the planet.. Then we the people will take over from the inside of your corporations. You have been warned.

ken wilson wrote at 1/3/2014 3:49:06 PM:

Interesting idea Some issues must be considered with this approach, however. * If there is a build anomaly or failure, who "owns" the problem and bears the cost of repair or replacement - the person that set up the build remotely, or the 3d printing service provider whose machine built the part? It is quite possible that a build failure could occur because of the part/build orientation being done incorrectly. The person setting up the part/build would also be responsible for manipulating the support structures. Their could be finger-point as to who is at fault, and the service provider wouldn't want to eat the loss because of an erroneous build set up that was not thier fault. * Would service providers be willing to give up control of their 3d printing platforms to an outside party? Rarely would many RP service bureaus allow that because of the reason stated above, and because most need to nest parts for multiple parties together to keep their costs to a minimum. Individualized builds with open space on the platform are inefficient and costly. * Isn't the source's data/design being fully divulged in the actual print without the CAD data? With today's scanning technology, it would be simple for an unscrupulous 3d printer to reverse engineer the source's design anyway. Maybe as 3D printing machines get more standardized and push-button easy this approach will make a lot of sense. Some RP bureaus do close-looped, highly confidential prototypes and end-use product manufacturing on a regular basis, and rely heavily on their in-house expertise to build top quality product, rather than expect an outside party to be an expert on how to set up optimized builds. Just sharing some thoughts and considerations on this concept.

olekdh wrote at 12/31/2013 11:31:16 AM:

you share designs to inspire more, you get more back, this box is for stupid.... at the prize of another printer, that could earn another 700$ in some time well that is for idiots then... and you still advertise those items to buy on photos so anyone can copy them to 3d and publish it to opensource, so once again level of stupidity has gone below human.. Let my dog use it then. As soon as he earns 700$

lassi wrote at 12/31/2013 11:18:05 AM:

yeah you can still stream the unencrypted gcode from it no problem and do as many prints as you want. snakeoil at it's finest. for people who want to pay a lot for a box. dumbfounded.

Robert wrote at 12/31/2013 12:17:40 AM:

Remote control your printer, without being there. Pretty damn cool. Manage 100s of print jobs from a web browser. Pretty cool. Live web cam view, pretty cool. Software version for 1 euro. Even more cool. What else on the market allows you to connect your makerbot or ultimaker to the web? Gita say prett damn cool

douggie wrote at 12/30/2013 11:09:15 PM:

So I pay $700 for a box and then I still have to pay marketplaces for designs? This makes zero sense...

rambo wrote at 12/30/2013 5:12:40 PM:

Buy it once, scan it and publish it... Buy it once, record the gcode to the printer and publish it...

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