Jan.14, 2014

Gerhard de Clercq and Pieter Scholz from Bananna3D in South Africa has released RepRap Phone Host app this week.

You may remember 15-year-old Gerhard and Pieter from our previous post who has written a Windows mobile phone app that lets users print from a mobile phone to a home-built RepRap 3D printer. The two students managed to 3D print a Nokia Lumia 820 case from a Nokia Lumia 920, where the case's 3D model was sent via Bluetooth using their app.

RepRap Phone Host is a Windows Phone 8 app that allows you to process and then ultimately 3D print STL format 3D models on your "RepRap" type 3D printer running "Repetier" firmware and in possession of a Bluetooth serial bridge.

The app only works with "RepRap" type 3D printer that can be modified. To get the app up and running all you need is to add a Bluetooth serial bridge to your 3D printer, pair with it in the Bluetooth menu and then just select it from the drop down menu inside the app and connect to it.

The app has the ability to open .stl and .gcode files from email, upload all internal STL and GCode files to your SkyDrive folders. It also includes a STL and GCode render as well as an in-house developed "Bananna Chopper" slicing engine.

You can download the RepRap Phone Host in the Windows Phone Store here. The app is currently free, but is set to become a paid app in a week or two.

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