Jan.17, 2014

Dutch studio, DUS Architects announced its plan to build the first 3D-printed canal house in Amsterdam in March 2013.

Amsterdam has been building new houses, the "Amsterdam canal belts", around the city since year 1613, 400 years ago. The canal houses are a symbol of Amsterdam, representing the history of the 'Golden Age'. Now 400 years later, DUS Architects will make the first canal house at the 'Northern Canal Belt' of the city with help of 3D printing technology.

The canal house will be 3D-printed on a huge mobile 3D printer with dimensions of 2 x 2 x 3.5 meters. DUS architects announced from the first week of March 2014, the project will open to the public.

Last Friday all the cooperating parties had the first official meeting on the Tolhuisweg site in Amsterdam, including Henkel, the world's largest adhesives and coatings manufacturer. Henkel is developing an innovative and sustainable material for the 3D Print Canal House. DUS didn't want to tell what material it is, but said it would be constantly developed. The construction partner Heijmans is currently investigating new construction techniques for 3D printing buildings.

The Amsterdam government is examining the new digital manufacturing industry and what the impact it has on employment and building regulations. And the Amsterdam Smart City partners are also checking out how the 3D printing process can be improved to be more intelligent.

"More and more industries see the potential of 3D printing techniques for house building," says Hans Vermeulen from DUS. "The 3D Printed Canal House is unique because all these sectors are now working together to create innovative projects."

"We do not know exactly how the project ends, but we learn by doing and by sharing this project." says the Doen Foundation and the AFK who support the construction expo.


"The canal house will be 3D-printed on a Kamermaker, the world's first large-scale movable 3D printer, or 3D printing pavilion. The design of the house consists of several rooms, each of which is individually printed on site before they are assembled.

The printer prints with different types of plastic. The house can be seen on the site in 3D printed model in scale of 1:20, and the exact same 3D files are now used for printing the 1:1 scale models.

Public is welcome to the expo site

The 3D Print Canal House is built in North Amsterdam, very close to Amsterdam Central Station. The site is named 'Construction Expo' where the public can see how the canal house will be printed live. Each new 3D print that comes out of the printer is exhibited and tested on site. The admission fee is part of public sponsoring to the project - in this way everyone is helping with the creation of the canal house, says the organizers.

The Construction Expo will open five days a week to the public after the weekend opening on March 1st and 2nd of 2014.


Images: Marije van Woerden

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francois lefebvre wrote at 6/19/2017 3:09:59 PM:

And now we are waiting the opening day , and we will see the result ! By the way, I am sure that the creative limit will be very far pushed. The project to be followed, immediately.

francois lefebvre - API2 wrote at 3/23/2014 1:18:52 PM:

Extraordinary! Brilliant! The most creative invention since the brick. The technique and the esthetics are united in the project, and ecological.. The top!...

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