Jan.19, 2014

Artists Isaac Budmen and Adam Lister have created a collection of 2D and 3D "prints" — "8 Bits, 3 Dimensions". The original work starts in a variety of mediums (oil, marker, photo, etc) - Adam's work happens in watercolor, the piece is then made digital by hand and meticulously modeled. Each piece is then small-batch manufactured in full-color sandstone by Shapeways. During the process, models are created by printing binder material and colored ink layer-by-layer into a bed of gypsum-based powder. After printing, the models are finished with a cyanoacrylate (super glue) sealant to ensure durability and vivid colors.

Superman (Size - inches 2.2 w x 0.4 d x 2.9 h-- cm 5.6 w x 1.0 d x 7.3 h h)
credit: 8 Bits and 3 Dimensions

Budmen explains, "The world is made by hand, with the tools and materials available at the time. Early artists used wood, paint and stone to create works of art, but we began constructing a digital world in conjunction with our physical one. In the digital world the tools of the trade were not the atoms in wood and paint but the bits and bytes on a screen. The simplistic beauty of 8-bit work emerged with the dawn of the digital age, they capture it's very essence. The inherent abstract nature of 8-bit is what inspires the work and watercolor paintings of Adam Lister.

"Beyond those two dimensions, the next era in the digital age once again reconnects us with the atoms we started with and it's called digital fabrication. With it, our world can be precisely crafted using millions of bits, and then made manifest with machines that can produce designs to exact specifications, these are the tools that inspire my work and allowed me to bring a 3rd dimension to these pieces in beautiful full color sandstone."

The process by which 8 Bits, 3 Dimensions emerged is itself an expression of the digital age — Lister and Budmen have never met in person. Though they have never been in the same room, or even heard each other's voices, they have collaborated on every aspect of this collection over the Internet.

You can view or purchase the whole collection here.

Images credit: 8 Bits and 3 Dimensions

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Andre Tiemann wrote at 1/19/2014 3:27:33 PM:

Very cool stuff! I have done a lot of similar 2D 3D Prints on my Makerbots. Samples here: http://imgur.com/a/rgOcF

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