Jan.27, 2014

Fuel3D today unveiled the first images of the final design of its handheld colour 3D scanner which they raised over $325,000 in 2013 through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Born in Oxford University, Fuel3D is claimed to be the world's first 3D scanner to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to capture and process a 3D model in seconds. Originally developed for the medical imaging sector, Fuel3D scanner works in much the same way as a normal digital camera – literally just point and shoot. Once a shot has been taken on the Fuel3D scanner the raw image data is converted into true 3D color geometrical data by a software, which is included with the Fuel3D scanner. The 3D color data file can then be viewed from any direction, edited, and used as source material for 3D printing or for on-screen manipulation.

When designing their new casing for the 3D scanner Fuel3D carefully considered the balancing of the updated design of the scanner and also the trigger button position for maximum stability during capture. Fuel3D says it has tested a number of prototype frame builds before opting for the square design concept, which helps ensure stability.

The final design incorporates a viewing window to enable users to align the camera with the subject they are scanning. The tethered computer screen will show a live feed for the actual capture area. In addition it also incorporates a target-finder application that includes on-board flashing LED direction indicators to provide a visual guide for the user during capture. Meanwhile guide lights situated in each of the flash module windows will ensure that the device is able to easily locate Fuel3D's optical tracker for effortless capture.

The Fuel3D scanner will exhibit at the 3D Printer World Expo in Burbank, California that visitors will be able to have a free 3D scan of their own face taken by a prototype Fuel3D scanner. They will then be able to access their file to apply their image to a 3D object or embed into a video game.

The Fuel3D scanner is priced from $1,250 (excluding shipping costs and any taxes). Projected shipment is September 2014.

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