Jan.29, 2014

How many children (or adults for that matter) would love to have a doll or action figure featuring themselves in their favorite fantastical role? The technology behind the 3D printed selfie (or 'threlfie') makes this idea a reality.

The folks behind print3dpeople, a website which is set to launch in March of 2014 and, presumably, will offer threlfie-related services.

The video below shows how the fairy daughter prepares for her 3D scan. First, a crown of ivy is made and her hair is styled in an appropriately 'fairyesque' manner – making sure to leave room for the wings. The requisite pointy ears are added, and the fairy daughter is positioned for the scan making the most of the natural light. An elevated platform is used which makes it easier to scan the a figure in the seated pose taken by the fairy daughter.

The screen is positioned for easy viewing while leaving enough room to walk around the model during the scan. Scanning advice is provided: don't forget tops of heads, under chins, and below arms. Also, be sure to check the color of the scan.

Wings are made for the fairy model and using paper, acetate sheets, double-sided tape, and a variety of decoration. The wings are then adhered to the fairy threlfie using hot glue.

In a few months, it will be possible to scan your child in their favorite fantasy costume, upload the data from the scan to print3dpeople's site, and have a customized 3D printed doll or action figure shipped to your home. This technology and service may increase the proliferation of threlfies for children and adults – both in and out of costume.

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