Feb.10, 2014

Harbor Capital Group Inc., based in Bloomington, Minnesota is looking to invest between $500k and $1.5 million in 'disruptive start-ups' – like 3D printing, big data, and robotics.

That's according to Harbor CEO and Co-Founder Jim Zitek who is a former investment advisor at Feltl & Co. He describes Harbor Capital Group as a star-up itself.

The group plans to make venture-capital-like equity investments, but the company is not a traditional fund. Instead, Zitek describes them as broker dealers. Although the company has not funded anything yet, in the future, they plan to do so by offering companies limited partnerships with investors from the Harbor Capital Group Network. This approach will give investors the opportunity to pick and choose the start-ups which they would like to support. The firm chose to focus on 3D printing, big data, and robotics because these industries are growing rapidly.

Jim Zitek is joined by Co-Founder and COO David Keenan, and VP Business Development Jerry Seppala. They are currently scouting for start-ups to connect with their investors. Zitek thinks Harbors approach may offer an attractive for people interested in angel investing. More details on the firm and their approach may be found here.

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Greg Andrew wrote at 2/17/2014 9:59:00 PM:

This will be a big success. A venture friendly model that's long overdue.

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