Feb.12, 2014

During a local election campaign in Russia, one of the candidates managed to circumvent a ban on gifts to voters by printing out 'mug leaflets' on a 3D printer, ria reported.

Russian election law strictly prohibits the distribution of any souvenirs such as bags, mugs or pens - the activity can be interpreted as changing the voters' preferences - but printed propaganda products are an exception.

But one candidate in the Moscow Region district of Sergiyev Posad used legal loophole to 'print' materials for his campaign. Sergei Pakhomov used a 3D printer to print out mugs promoting his bid for the head of the district administration. He billed them "leaflets" since they were all 'printed'.

Local news reported on Monday that the electoral authorities in the area can't figure out what they can do in this situation to prohibit the tech-savvy candidate from distributing the 3D printed 'mug leaflets' to voters.

International interest in 3D printing is growing by the day with headline-grabbing stories. But behind the hype there are legal complications for authorities worldwide. One famous issue is the creation of a working gun. Government in all countries are working to close any loopholes that make it possible to evade the law with new technologies. There may be further amendments needed in law, but this will surely only be a matter of time.


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Liuba wrote at 2/17/2014 2:45:58 PM:

These mugs were printed by http://can-touch.ru/. But the most interesting thing is: these mugs were printed last week, at the same time the Can Touch team mounted a wrist prosthesis to a child but mass media neglected the news about prosthesis. BTW the video of the boy with mounted prosthesis is impressing, check it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rabdGJ1Fd_8

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