Feb.13, 2014

Last night the 3D Printshow made its New York City debut. For New York 2014, 3D Printshow has created a new interactive experience, bringing together some of the world's top fashion designers and artists working in the realm of wearable 3D printed design. Each of these pieces represents the most cutting-edge creative techniques being explored today.

Chicago-based artist and longtime proponent of 3D-printed art and sculpture Joshua Harker made his runway debut at 3D Printshow.

Quixotic Divinity

Harker's first piece of "wearable art," a headdress which consists of a variety of interwoven and suspended components, pays homage to traditional ceremonial headdresses of native American and African tribes. It was laser-sintered from plastic powder in an EOSINT P 760 additive manufacturing (AM) system.

Harker dedicated over 100 hours to its design, after which EOS printed the piece in less than 26 hours.

Floral Filigree Series

The artist also presented a new Floral Filigree Series celebrating the harmony & beauty of opposite & opposing forces. "The water surface depicts the plane of separation between liquid & gas with the reaching flower transcending & binding both worlds… an environmental yin yang." explains Harker.

21st Century Self-Portrait

Harker's another piece that debuts in New York is a custom portrait sculpture project. Based on a 3D scan of his face & CT scan of his skull, coupled with his filigree aesthetic, the '21st Century Self-Portrait' applies the latest technologies to one of the oldest themes in art... the portrait. The customization software allows Joshua to swap face scans while accurately transferring the design... a 21st century portrait in every way. The piece was 3D printed in polyamide using Selective laser sintering technology.

The artist also presented a 2,000-piece item of kinetic sculpture manufactured using EOS AM technology. "Undulating in a sine wave, the 12 arms depict the 12 musical notes in a chromatic scale, the 12 colors in a color wheel, as well as the representation of time & measure."

Harker identifies himself as an artist trying to push the boundaries of 3D printing. His portfolio is full of complex designs and intricate geometries, many of which could only be manufactured through AM. He believes that others in both the art and fashion industries will soon realise the capabilities of 3D printing and begin to take advantage of them.

He said, "3D printing is a process that allows you to create things that can't be done any other way.

"Whether it's fashion or art or anything, really, when you're imagining things and the constraints of what you can make are gone, it changes a lot of things. Designers are really going to have a lot of powerful new avenues to explore with this technology."

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Blender wrote at 2/14/2014 4:15:10 PM:

Does someone know which software i can use to create such things? Espacially the mask is interesting. Im familiar with blender. But i find no way to make things like these in blender..

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