Feb.15, 2014

Inpired by a homemade modern DIY $5 bucket stool, Montreal based designer Arthur Schmitt created Anice Stool, an ice stool made with a 3D printed core.

The 3D printed core can be used to hold the wooden bits together, and also allows you to use whatever material you want for the seat. To test it out, Schmitt made it first in ice. He put the 3D printed core, together with the wooden legs, in a bucket with some water and then put it outside. Montreal is really cold in the winter but a steady -12°c temperature helped Schmitt create this cool ice stool. In about 32 hours, he got a refreshing frozen seat.

The 3D files of the core are downloadable on Thingiverse. To make it, first download the openscad files from Thingiverse, then you can set your own parameters for the legs, support height / thickness and tilt angle and generate the stl files for 3D printing.

But if you want to have a stool more permanent, you can also replace ice with concrete, which Schmitt is trying at the moment, or even resin.

Below is a video showing how to make a concrete and wood stool in a bucket.

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