Feb.17, 2014

Italian startup Maker Dreams has introduced its first 3D printer iNventOne, a safe, solid, fast and cheap 3D printer with a simple but appealing design.

The iNventOne has an optimized build volume 280 L X 210 W X 200 H mm designed for avoiding deformities caused by material shrinkage and longer printing time. Its frame is entirely made of aluminium extruded profiles and panelings.

The printer uses CoreXY for building fast, compact XY motion stages and it helps to simplify the movement and make the printer solid - it includes 6 idler pulleys assisting in belt moving for fluid motions. The rails contain recirculating ball bearing carriers designed and selected for reliable and accurate motion.

Luca Faggiotto and his brother Federico started the project in 2013. Luca graduated from the University of Architecture and Federico is a maker and creator. Their enthusiasm for 3D printing technology and working experiences have led to the creation of their first 3D printer.

Safety is behind the design of the iNventOne, says Luca. There is only one front-hinged opening and once closed, there is no access to the internal moving parts and hot ends. The iNventOne has also CE marking for selling in the European market.

The startup is currently working on the development of its software and the installation of a SD card reader which will be built on the next motherboard. In a few weeks the iNventOne will be launched on indiegogo for crowd funding. Earlier backers will receive special prices on their orders: €725 ($993) for the first 60 orders and €800 ($1100) for the next version. Stay tuned.

Features and specs:

  • Build volume: 280 L X 210 W X 200 H mm [11.0 X 8.2 X 7.8 in]
  • Layer resolution: 100 microns [0.0039 in]
  • Filament: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.3mm
  • Weight: 18.5kg [25.4 lbs]
  • Software: Cura 14.1, Printrun
  • Power: 12 V DC @5.0 AMPS


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Reprapper wrote at 2/17/2014 9:47:20 PM:

It's still a 3d rendered model. Wait till the cost of those panels makes the 800 euro price leap up.

Chee wrote at 2/17/2014 7:01:55 PM:

From their website, the picture shows the XY structure is not corexy but H-bot!!!!

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