Feb.19, 2014

Rennes, France based e-crew vis wants to create a desktop 3D printer to offer professional rapid prototyping and functionality while still keeping the price low.

Its new ECV-One 3D printer is built for the market between high-end 3D printers and the hobbyist 3D printers currently available. ECV-One is capable of making high quality prints with the resolution of 70µm and even lower.

The printer uses trapezoidal rods which are more expensive than a belt system but it ensures higher print speed - 150mm/s while printing, and 300mm/s travel speed - and high accuracy print quality.

The printer is equipped with a dual head extruder for two-color printing or printing with dissolving support material. Its 7-inch touch screen provides build statistics and monitoring information without the use of a computer. You can unlock the printer with a password, load .stl file, slice it, start printing right away and follow the printing process from a 2D or 3D rendering displayed on the screen.

ECV-One is fully enclosed to ensure a constant temperature throughout the build and to make the printer office, school and home safe.

The build volume is 248 x 250 x 205 mm (L x l x H) and it works with different types of polymers such as ABS, PLA, PET, PVA, nylon, HIPS and other exotic thermoplastic "wood" or "bricks".

It also features heated print bed, an emergency stop button and low maintenance. The startup offers warranty services with the possibility to go to the client's workplace and fix the machine.

The market price for the ECV-One 3D printer is between 4,000€ and 4,500€ without VAT. Watch the video below a sneak peek of the ECV-One.

Below are some high quality prints made on this printer:


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ZeG wrote at 2/21/2014 7:34:52 AM:

What's the resolution of the camera to feedback so poorly sample's résolution? Pls provide more foods for a decision!

JC wrote at 2/19/2014 6:41:49 PM:

Nice but for a layer resolution od 70 microns or below the samples do not look that impressive. The layer lines as well as, perhaps, the x/y accuracy contribute to a less than expected resolution quality.

FEB wrote at 2/19/2014 2:37:42 PM:

How could this thing cost 4000 euro!!!

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