Feb.19, 2014

3D scanner company Artec Group has launched Shapify.Pro – a new iteration of its 3D-selfie technology designed for Microsoft Kinect owners and those who want to make money with it.

Artec Group launched a 3D-scanning and printing service Shapify.me back in November 2013 that lets you easily scan yourself at home with a Microsoft Kinect and get a 3D print of your figurine. All you need to do is to follow simple voice instructions to scan yourself using the Kinect. Once the scanning is done, your captured data will be processed and uploaded the Shapify.me website. You can then order a 3D print of your very own figurine and In 5 days you will get a 3D Mini-Me delivered to your doorstep.

The new Shapify.Pro is designed for people who want to earn money with 3D scanning and printing. With Shapify.Pro, you could just follow the voice instructions to quickly scan your customer with a Kinect sensor and order the 3D figurine at the Shapify printshop at a special price. The figurine will be delivered to your home or your customer's in several days.

To beome a Shapify Professional Partner you need to sign up to Shapify.Pro, the initial price is $999. You will then be listed on the Shapify Partners Map where potential customer could find you and make an appointment to get scanned.

You will also get a Shapify.Pro Kit which includes an account at Shapify.pro, a Shapify branded backpack and a scanning pad, and a discount for 3D printing your figurines at Shapify partner printshops.

The initial commitment of $999 will be put on your Shapify Professional Account, which you can use to order the printing and delivery of the figurines by special partners prices.

Get more information on Shapify.Pro here.


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Domes wrote at 11/16/2014 11:49:11 AM:

Why you say that? I see that many scan points are 3D shops so I guess is not a scam. Then, Shapify is a known company which wouldn't get the hands dirty.. I guess! Just would be nice to see videos and print pieces because the quality with Kinect..well, is not so impressive. Some opinion or experience? Thank you

Will wrote at 2/20/2014 5:04:08 PM:

looks like a scam if I ever saw one...

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