Mar.3, 2014

Water is life. Yet 768 million people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water, and 2.5 billion people live without proper sanitation.

Make Fresh Water is a site that tries solve this problem. It offers a 3D printable fresh water maker, consisting of three simple parts: the body, the hopper and the cap.

First you fill the dirty water into the body and set the funnel on it. The body heats up from the sun light and when the temperature reaches up to 85°C inside the funnel the water begins to vaporize.

The water begins to turn into steam and it slowly gathers up on the walls of the funnel. Because the special shape of the funnel the condensed water flows into the collecting pool. That's it, then you can get distilled water.

Cem Schnitzler started this project hoping that someone could make the Water Makers and give them to the people in the third world or without access to clean water. He shared the CAD Files (STEP,IGES,SLT) here on Thingiverse with GNU License so anyone can download and print it out.

Be sure to print the body of the Water Maker in black to absorb sunlight. The funnel must be transparent and the plastic you use must be uv resistant and temperature resistant up to 90°C.


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Nigel wrote at 11/2/2016 7:59:07 AM:

So your giving people the ability to distill their water. Do you realize that distilled water is also quite dangerous to drink, as it is only H2O, lacking all the minerals found in normal water.

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