Mar.5, 2014

Rick Ross, American rapper, producer and CEO, released his sixth album "Mastermind" this week. But there is another mastermind out there: Brandon Hixon from WE MAKE MUSIC has 3D printed Rick Ross' head as a bronze coinbank.

Claimed to be "hip-hop's most expensive coin bank", the Ricky Bank is 3D printed using 420 Stainless Steel "infused with bronze" with a final composition of approximately 70% steel and 30% bronze. It is dishwasher safe, watertight and can handle up to temperatures of 831ºC / 1528ºF degrees.

The Ricky Bank is 3D printed by Shapeways and now listed for $4,999.99!

"To build 'The Ricky Bank', special 3D printers deposit small drops of glue onto layers of stainless steel powder, one layer at a time, until the bank is complete," the site explains. "We carefully remove these models from the printer. At this stage of the process, the objects are very fragile, similar to wet sand. The bank then goes through an infusion process that replaces the glue with bronze, creating a full metal product. The bank is then processed, sprayed with a sealant, and shipped to you."

For those who have loads of money to afford this 3D printed Ricky Bank, Hixon also offers solid gold, silver, or black ceramic version for a much heftier price.

If owning a 3D printed piggy bank of Rick Ross' head is not enough for you, Hixon says the Biggie Bank and the Diddy Bank are coming soon.

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Mr. Critical wrote at 3/5/2014 11:26:43 PM:

"Brandon Hixon from WE MAKE MUSIC has 3D printed..." Well, I'd love to see the actual product then. Anyone can make a render and put a price tag of 5000 bucks on it.

Publicity Hound wrote at 3/5/2014 8:17:42 PM:

Publicity. I guess i should make a more expensive model and set a new "record".

Julio wrote at 3/5/2014 5:54:20 PM:

This is very dumb. It doesn't count as "the most expensive" until someone builds one. Not even the designer has ordered one, so I suppose it's a doomed product, just to show a dumd idea.

jd90 wrote at 3/5/2014 3:46:44 PM:

Sorry, but that's lame product. I wonder if there really is a market for this, at this price, other than the man himself. He's apparently not a platinum-selling artist, so there's that.

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