Mar.11, 2014

So you like 3d printing, you might like this. Inspired by famous cartoons and game characters, 3D artist Acepalm is building a series of 3D printable cute skull, one skull a day.

"The idea came as a question: which collectible series would be fun to own, fun to boast to friends, and it's still not done by anyone?" Acepalm said. "I've noticed that most 3d printed things are either abstract figures or IPhone cases, holders and frames for ridiculous prices. Now, that's not how you sell 3d printers... and I see the good designs buried under thousands of same-looking rings and necklaces."

Acepalm modelled the skulls in 3dsmax and Photoshop. "Since most of the character I create are cartoons, there is no need for heavy ZBrush artillery here - it must be simple and awesome. The most complex part is always the teeth!" Acepalm said.

He started then a blog and posted one new work every day. "It came to be quite a challenge - I do have an amazing full time job that takes a lot of energy. I am doing this until it's fun - no particular date or number in mind." To make it more fun, Acepalm added a title image of a toy plus some bits of mind to his Facebook page. "Perhaps, those were the last thoughts of my skulls?.."

"I fell in love with 3d printers and finally became able to populate my desktop with awesome custom sculpts." Acepalm said.

You can check out his work on Tumblr and his Facebook page. And all the creations are also availble to one skull-a-day fans on Shapeways. Each skull, printed in full color sandstone, is priced at €17.44, and you can also order a holder for your collection for €13.06.

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