Mar.22, 2014

3D printers can print out any objects you can design, and they are getting less expensive and more common every day. As you can probably imagine, it didn't take long for controversial uses to emerge for 3D printers. Criminals start using 3D printing to make better ATM skimmers, a device that fits onto, around or into an ATM's own card slot. The device is able to read personal financial information from the magnetic stripe on the back of the consumer's card. A small wireless camera, concealed near the ATM fascia, or a keypad overlay, captures the user's PIN as it is entered. Information from the device and camera is sent wirelessly to the criminal, who is usually parked with a laptop computer nearby. The ATM user typically has no idea that his or her information has been compromised. The stolen information is then used or sold on the black market.

One criminal group plans to mass produce ATM skimmers, Rogue PoS terminals via 3D printing, TrendMicro's Security Intelligence blog reports.

"We have resources to mass produce ATM skimmers, also VeriFone Verix terminals models Vx510, 670, 810 Duet," the group named gripper claims in an ad on an underground "carder" website, trying to sell ATM skimmers and fake POS terminals. (VeriFone is a US-based provider of POS terminals.)

The group also said that they offer 24/7 support, and they have bases in Moscow, South Africa, USA and the UK so they can provide ship the products anywhere in the world. In addition, they also offer 3D printing files for people to make their own skimmers.

The seller wrote:

"Bare in mind we have the power to mass produce these ATM skimmers with the latest technology. We are not buyers and builders. We have all files needed and printing facilities in China. Also we have files to mass produce MSRV [magnetic-stripe-reading] electronics."

One "advantage" of using 3D printing is that the crooks can quickly modify their design or try a new one in order to make their devices as surreptitious as possible. They can also make 3D printouts on demand, so if one skimmer has been detected and removed the crooks can quickly replace it.

Last year, Sydney police have reported their first cases of ATM skimming machines made on 3D printers. "A gang of suspected Romanian criminals is using 3D printers and computer-aided design (CAD) to manufacture "sophisticated" ATM skimming devices used to fleece Sydney residents." announced the police. The taskforce found one gang that targeted 15 ATMs across Sydney, affecting tens of thousands of people and stealing around $100,000 (US$91,800).

Scary, isn't it? A few simple precautions when you are drawing cash would help to reduce your risk of being skimmed. Watch below a video from the Queensland Police Service stars Fiscal the Fraud-Fighting Ferret, who tells consumers how to spot ATM skimmers and guard against the possibility of fraud when using cash machines.


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mick wrote at 6/17/2014 4:13:17 PM:

theres always one uneducated idiot to start some racist nonsense...

GRIPPER wrote at 3/29/2014 5:29:08 PM:

Pos revert to magstripe by default after 3x attempts fry the chip and it secures the payment.. Also your mother land is the easiest to rip off you come giving it all this and you are still in the dark ages.. and atm skimmers get track 1 and 2 and pin not for online that is aquired by scam pages etc which you indians fall for a treat.. lol rfid can also be cloned but only good for one contactless payment as it generates a new code eachtime. i suggest google is best bet for an idiot indian like you buddy stick to call centres and cashouts for us peace

steve wrote at 3/27/2014 2:17:26 AM:

very bad situation

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