April 2, 2014

In 2012, Diego Porqueras, founder of Bukobot 3D printers, opened a brick-and-mortar 3D printing shop and hackerspace in Pasadena, Calif., called Deezmaker. The Deezmaker shop allows everyone to experience 3D printing in person and come to the hackerspace to work on projects.

In the video below, Andrew of 3dHacker visited this walk-in retail shop "Deezmaker 3D Printers & Hackerspace", and talked to Porqueras about his printers and open source projects.

Diego Porqueras, founder of Deezmaker, is known for developing and sourcing the highest quality components in the consumer 3D printing industry. If anyone has operated or "heard" Deezmaker's printers they're impressively quiet, solidly engineered to print 10+ materials, and configured for quick upgradability. Some printer features are gold plated nozzles, synchromesh instead of nobby belts, and drive gears designed by aerospace engineers.


Additionally Diego has a philosophy of keeping "Open Source" a top priority. It's a path he and his associates want in their daily lives as well. (Well known Whosa whatsis is also part of the development crew at Deezmaker and develops the "Bukito 3D Printer".)


It was a great experience to hang out with the Deezmaker guys, visit their 3D print store which opened just 3 days after the 1st store by MakerBot, and I look forward to further developments from these industry leaders!

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Mike wrote at 4/9/2014 11:49:58 PM:

Syncromesh was designed for a very specific sort of linear motion application, it was designed for applications where the belt needs to travel in 3 dimensions. Unlike GT2, Synchromesh was not designed to minimize backlash. Synchromesh is cool, but really not the best choice for 3d printers.

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