April 7, 2014

The above stunning 360° video is made by Jonas Ginter, a German based photojournalist using 6 GoPro cameras mounted on his bike. The whole scene is like a miniature world, the scene closed to the shooting device is the 'center' of this little planet, while the faraway building and sky are the background.

In order to create this incredible miniature world in the video, Ginter spent the last few years testing different methods. He tried to put cameras on turntables but it didn't work. Eventually he came to the conclusion that he would need many cameras to produce it.

Ginter decided to use GoPro cameras for his project and he would need six of them to record horizontally 360 ° and vertically 180 ° . GoPro cameras has a fish eye built lens in as standard. It sports a 170 degree lens, which basically makes it the most affordable digital fish eye camera you can get. He then 3D printed the mount, attached the cameras and went for ride in a park. Everything worked perfectly.

Ginter shared the 3D files of the mount on Thingiverse so anyone can download and print at home. Check it out here or read Ginter's post (in German) to his blog.



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ab wrote at 11/14/2015 5:32:29 PM:

its ridiculous that these 3d printed rigs are going for hundreds of dollars. we should just make our own. That what the 3d printing is for. it made me angry.

jeffe wrote at 7/17/2015 7:11:09 PM:

Freedom360 charges over $500 for simple plastic mount... thats rape... ill take the free 3d printed version...

Luis Rodriguez wrote at 4/8/2014 6:46:14 AM:

Pretty sure this guy did it first: http://freedom360.us/

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