April 8, 2014

3D printing allows everyone to produce personalized objects on demand in many different materials, including gold, silver, ceramic etc. However, a key element is still missing today to make it truly available to everyone: Easy and powerful design tools.

With the new Jweel apps from French startup Skimlab you can now create and customize unique 3D pieces of jewelry.

Skimlab has developed a browser-based software for virtual sculpture. It belongs to the family of "skeleton based" modeling tools which are easy to use. The system uses a volume representation to guarantee 3D printability of all models. This high tech system was born from the very latest research from French research institute INRIA. INRIA is the first partner of Skimlab and conducts research in the field of virtual 3D sculpture and intuitive modeling.

All Skimlab tools run directly in-browser (recommended Chrome or Firefox) and requires no download and no installation.

Text Ring

The 'Text Ring' tool enables users to turn any text into an amazing and original ring - names, astrological signs, dates of birth… The tool is really easy to use: you enter a text, choose a font - you can then view your ring in 3D.

Text Ring tool

Examples of rings made with this tool

Freestyle Ring

The 'Freestyle Ring' is a 3D modeling tool. The concept is simple: you can edit, add details and create different shapes based on one or several basic rings. With a little practice, this tool will give you freedom to create a unique ring.

Examples of rings made with this tool:

Skeleton, 3D surface (silver) and 3D-printed ring (Sterling silver)

After finalizing the visual model, users can choose which material they want to use: gold, silver, steel or even titanium. The price and object size are displayed in real-time. Skimlab partners with 3D printing company i.materialise to print out the computer model and deliver the 3D printed jewelry to your door.

More tools will be added to allow users to design other jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces etc.

"What we find in shops and stores are design and made for everybody. Our fundamental view is that people have an inherent need to express themselves. So we want everyone to have easy access to the best technology and unleash creativity, talent and inspiration." notes the Skimlab team.

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