April 14, 2014

Amoeba, a wearable 3D printed eyeglass that analyses your bio-parameters to understand your interest levels has been developed by Sanya Rai, Florian Puech and Carine Collé at Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London.

"With increasing digital interactions, we are constantly bombarded with vast amounts of data. Going through all this data and organizing it is an arduous task. Amoeba aims to make it easier for us to intuitively process this data and presents it through a simple, interactive interface." explained the team.

Amoeba is designed to help you organise and process vast amounts of data online intuitively. It consists of sensors that monitor you subconscious parameters such as breathing rate, skin conductance and pupil dilation. For example using a heat sensitive receptors near the wearers mouth the Amoeba can record breathing rates; it has sensors on an arm that measure the electrical conductance of the skin and it has also a camera embedded into the lens to measure pupil size. By analyzing changes in these parameters, it can then evaluate your interest.

The team has developed a 3D printed prototype integrated with a web-base software that create a visual summary of your research based on levels of engagement.

How It Works:

​We envision that you would wear the Amoeba device before you start your web-based research. As you go through different web pages, the device senses your bio-data and quantifies your interest. When you are done, you can then go to the Amoeba app and select the keyword you were looking at. The app will show you a time-based summary of all links visited, layering them based on how interesting you found the content. You also have the option of seeing the route you took to arrive at a certain page, thus enabling better reflection and self awareness.

"With the advert of wearable technologies, we will soon have devices documenting every moment of our lives. This will lead to generation of a massive amount of data and going through this can be a nightmare. Amoeba can ease this process by bringing the most interesting stuff to the forefront and thus, saving us a lot of time and effort." explained the team.

The Amoeba can be used to measure the impact advertising has on readers, the reactions of the users on online courses, and interests on the digital content.

"Our final test involved taking the top three parameters and recording them simultaneously while users were invited to read four articles for one minute each. We found that by analyzing this data, we could accurately identify the most interesting and least interesting articles for nine users out of ten." the team said.

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